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Revised: December 30, 2000 .



July 4th to July 17th

This was an amazing once in a lifetime trip...hopefully an article will come soon
University of Scouting

Study, Study, Study, Well...Not Really. On Saturday January 16, 3 Scouts, from The Troop to undergo A series of Junior Leader Training Classes That were needed for anyone that wants to run for a high position in the Troop when elections come around. These Three Scouts were Anthony Pravata, Bobby Fromkin, and Jeffrey Schwartz.

These training classes included courses such as organizing troop games, and skill courses. Such as orienteering and Football. Other Activities were new styles and ways to cook and teach newer scouts to cook foods such as Donuts, and Pizza. And probably the most important was how to take care of a campsite. Such as duty roster's, correct tent placement, and safety precautions taken when camping anywhere. We also went over the Do's, and Dont's of Camporee campsite inspections.

Mr.Pravata, Mr Kuczynski, and Mr. Schwartz also caught up on ways to help organize the new Venture patrol in the Troop.


Visit To the Planetarium

Galaxies, Planets, and Stars, Oh my! On Friday January 7th, nine scouts from our troop went to the Planetarium in Miami,Florida to work on our Astronomy Merit Badge. We learned about constellations, and saw the time change hours in minutes. Then we went up to the roof of the Planetarium and looked in a big telescope. We saw Jupiter and Saturn.

Scouts Who Went: Bobby Fromkin,Jeff Schwartz, Jacob Bernstien, John Kuczynski, Chris Kuczynski, William Howard, Lance N., Greg Vella, JM, Mr.Schwartz, Mr.Kuczynsiki, Mr.Vella, Mrs.Bernstien, Mrs.Judy and, Mrs.Kuczynski

Highlights Of   2000

On December 31,1999 the City of Coral Springs had a Millennium Ceremony to
open the new North Community Park located on the northeast corner of
Westview Drive & Coral Springs Drive.

At this ceremony a time capsule was placed with memorabilia from various
organizations and schools located in Coral Springs.  The time capsule is to
be opened in 50 years- sometime in 2049.

My dad huffed and puffed to run home and back to get the following items of
Troop 339 to be placed in the time capsule before it was sealed.  They are:

Round 25 year patch used on hat
Triangle 25 year patch used on neckerchief
Troop 339 numbers patch
25 Year patch
Quality Unit 1999 patch
South Florida Council patch
Eagle patch
Current troop rosters and roster by rank

If any of y'all are living in the area in 2049, be sure to be at the time
capsule opening.  The names on the roster are sure to bring back some great
memories.  Gee, the average age of us will be around 65.....

Have a great new millennium!

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